Mount Misti (right) an active volcano and Chachani (left) dormant viewed from Chiguata, Peru at 9500 ft

Mount Misti, Chachani, and Pichupichu overlook the Departamento of Arequipa in Peru. These volcanos are in constant view while traveling throughout the neighboring cities and are deeply rooted into the history of the region. The Incans revered these mountains traveling to their peaks to perform human sacrifices and seasonal rituals. Now people take pride in their local sights offering tours and building vistas to see these giants in full. 

Mount Misti (left) and Chachani (right) viewed from Salinas Lagoon 14,600ft

A lone traveler walks along the lagoon shore. She paused several times to make sure she didn't stray too far from our group.

Many different birds and animals call this place home. Above a pair of Crested Ducks and a flock of South American Flamingoes rest in the quiet waters during the height of the afternoon. On the bottom right, a group of alpacas graze on the sun dried grass unfazed by the thin air.

Mount Pichupichu above the salt flats

Natural salt and mineral deposits are abundant throughout the region

The city of Arequipa is home to over a million people and it boasts itself as the most European like city in Peru. Though the Spanish influence is still held in high regard, local Andino culture is etched into the architecture of every church, building, and street.

View from El Mirador de Yanahuara en Arequipa

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