Looking south from the Cascade mountain peak in the Adirondack mountains

This view from the Cascade mountain peak set the stage for our trip through the Adirondack Mountains. The nearest mountain to the left was Big Slide and to the far right was the Algonquin and Wright peak. In the middle are Mount Marcy and Mount Colden though I can’t be sure. There are 46 peaks they like to say in the ADK and on the hike up you feel every step. The trails are lined with boulders of various sizes and scrabbling skills are a must as you are often on your hands and knees at times to get to the top.

Algonquin Peak

View of Algonquin from Big Slide. On the hike up, you actually walk through three different view points called The Brothers with the third Brother being a small peak within itself. To get to each one requires climbing up near vertical boulders which are fun to forget about until you have to go back down.
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